I would also like to give thanks to the great writers, the great readers and of course to you.

For keeping this site a safe, sane and very readable for anyone with an interest in the so-called traditional or alternative lifestyle as it can be called both.

But mostly because it is richly filled with ideas, opinions and acceptance from those who may not even have the same point of view.

I'm sorry you have had criticism, but like all great publications, there will be criticism from those who have envy.

Bravo Sarah, don't bow to ignorance.....Blush

by Blush on 2004 Sep 15 - 15:32 | reply to this comment A happy slave's creed Sarah I have written before under a name you still quote. We are in the fourth decade of marriage and have never been happier. This woman, my woman, is not into D/s, BDSM, submission, etc; she is not non-educated, she not nutty... she is a highly intelligent professional who has chosen to dedicate herself to me as my slave after years of happy marriage.

She gives love, her everything... I give love, my care, my everything in return... if that makes us nuts, then we are nuts... but very happy nuts!

Her Slave's Creed beautifully captures what we stumbled into two and a half years may seem 'kinky' but it is not.. it suits us well and never have we had such love...

PS Why cannot other sites be as good as yours; open, honest, mainly non-confrontational, a complete gem.

An avid Taken In Hand fan....

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